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NLP - What is it and how can it help you?

So what is NLP?

Imagine how you would have felt if your first ever computer had arrived without instructions on how to use it.

Well the capabilities of an average computer are nothing compared to the immense complexity of our brains! Each of us happens to possess in our skulls the most sophisticated computer ever conceived of, and yet nobody ever thought to provide an instruction manual! No wonder changing how we do the simplest task often meets with failure…

Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP as it is better known, is about learning how to operate your own mind. It studies the structure of how we think and experience the world and leads to models of how these things work. From these models techniques for quickly changing thoughts, behaviours and limiting beliefs have been developed.

Whether used on its own or in conjunction with Hypnotherapy it is a powerful tool for change allowing the individual to take back control of their thinking and behaviour. It can help with many different issues such as:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Increasing self confidence
  • Removing fears and phobias.
  • Getting rid of bad habits such as smoking or nail biting.
  • Improved sleep patterns.
  • Conquering exam nerves.
  • Improving sporting performance and much more!.

So if you are looking to take back control of your life then take that first step today and give me a call.

All sessions are totally confidential, and the process can be surprisingly fast and effective.