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What my clients think

Peter was recommended to me when I was having a very difficult time coping with the situation I found myself in.
Allowing me to see that the anxiety I was consumed by was not the only way of approaching my situation and why I had such feelings, completely turned around my outlook and taught me to respond differently. In turn, everything was so much better, and actually was better for everyone.

Not coping was ok, it was honest. I live differently now and have less worries about my interactions with others by being more positive and confident.

Separately, my sense of smell was affected by covid over a year ago, with an unpleasant phantom smell present most of the time. Real sense of smell absent. With gentle hypnosis this has gradually returned to almost normal, improving all the time I have found my sessions with Peter beneficial and pleasant. I would recommend him to anyone having a difficult time.
Peter has played a huge part in helping me dismantle underlying fear and anxiety from my life and clearing the path for me to become a happier, stronger person.

Equipped with immense emotional intelligence and experience Peter clearly has the resources for handling clients' needs. I've always felt with him that I'm in a safe harbor no matter how bad the (metaphorical) storm outside has gotten for me.

Looking back on those invaluable sessions with Peter, I strongly believe that he helped unlock numerous barriers that were blocking my progress in life and can sincerely attest to his input being both invaluable and crucial to my recovery and well being at an extremely difficult time for me personally.

I highly recommend his services to anyone who's been struggling to get their life back on track.
You won't regret it!
I first met Pete in 2019, back then I suffered very badly with depression, PTSD, anxiety and a mental health problem, I was badly abused mentally and physically.

I struggled massively to be social, be around men and to just be able to cope with day-to-day life, I had reached a point where I didn't know how to cope anymore, I had broken down and begged for help at the GP’s and psychiatrist and never had any help, I just kept getting sent away.

I came across Pete and I was very nervous about meeting him and where it was going to lead to. Pete made me feel completely at ease, able to say freely what I wanted and not judge or make me feel ashamed. He made me feel genuine hope and most importantly, safe. I spiralled for months after the first meeting and no matter what time or day it was, he would answer the phone to me and calm me down and make sure I was ok.

Having someone 24/7 was amazing it gave me time to finally let things out deal with them and overcome them, my mind opened up in ways I didn't know was possible, for the first time in years I felt like a person again, and found a purpose in life. Nothing was ever too much trouble, if I needed him, he was there. I didn't see myself making the next few months of my life, but with all of Pete's time and hard work he made me realise my worth, and got me back on the right track.

Since then, I have completed a college course NVQ level 1, 2 & 3 I got myself a job and made friends again, I could finally breathe, smile and enjoy my life. Now 3 years on I'm more confident, strong and determined than ever and I have finally met a beautiful man I can share that with. No matter what problems I throw Pete's way he's there patiently, calmly there to help me out, I have never met anyone so genuinely caring, Pete completely saved mine and my children's lives and I honestly don't think I would be here now if I hadn't been introduced to him.

Anyone I come across that are struggling in anyway Pete is who I recommend, he turned mine and my children's life around.
Peter put me at ease and I had complete trust in him. I never doubted that he genuinely wanted to help me out of the mess I was in and find a way for me to live in an altogether happier place. I would not hesitate to recommend him and I have given his name to a number of friends who were looking for help with their issues.
I can highly recommend Peter. He is an incredible Coach who never judges and working with him is easy and yet challenging – a great combo! He has an incredible level of knowledge and experience and very understanding of all my emotions. His style of coaching is motivating, light and encouraging. In my opinion, he is one of the best.
I’ve been working with Peter for around 8 weeks now and it is nothing short of an exaggeration to say that my sessions with him have been life changing. I am no longer feeling anxious, my OCD symptoms are under control and I feel really positive about the future for the first time in a long while.

Peter’s approach is pragmatic and encourages you to take ownership of how you think and behave, rather than just analysing what might be wrong and why, which is really empowering. We have also done some hypnotherapy, which has helped me to release unhelpful thoughts and feelings. This alone has felt like a great weight has been lifted as I no longer have have draining repetitive thoughts, which were very hard to manage before my sessions.

Peter has not only helped me to feel better in the here and now but has given me lots of tools and techniques which I can use to help manage my mindset and thought patterns going forwards. I feel like I am in control of my mental health, rather than it controlling me, which is wonderful.
Peter Blake is a lovely and extremely supportive therapist. He helped me work through and leave an extremely toxic situation and also encouraged me to let go of numerous negative beliefs that I was harbouring about myself. Since the day I met Peter, he has maintained a sincere and welcoming attitude which naturally encouraged me to open up without feelings of shame or embarrassment. He allowed me to guide the therapy at my own pace and regularly kept contact to ensure I was doing well (he still checks in now!). This was such a big help in my healing process and is the reason I strongly recommend his therapy services to friends and family regularly. The way I describe him is “perfect Peter” … because he really is! Thank-you Peter! I will always be grateful for your help and understanding.
I can highly recommend Peter to anyone looking for guidance through hard times. He's so easy to talk to, feel comfortable with and always has plenty of options to get you back on track, which gives me confidence that one of them will work for me. He takes the jumbled mess that I'm telling him about, and from that, frames very insightful questions and comments which help get to the bottom of the issue. He's helped me to break the cycle of anxiety which I've been stuck in for a long time, so for that I'm extremely grateful! He's also easy to communicate with and replies really quickly to messages!"